Week 6: Listening and Organising Sound

This week, we learnt about the importance of selecting suitable music for listening activities to develop children’s appreciation of music. Developing children’s understanding of how music works involves them appreciating the different constituent parts that make up the whole and appreciating the contexts in which the music is produced (Jones, 2007). In order for students to identify what instruments are being played in a particular musical piece, they need to be competent in identifying the sounds of various instruments beforehand. Furthermore, students need to be taught musical vocabulary such as forte and allegro to describe the dynamics and tempo of a piece.

In this tutorial, we also engaged in composing music by using GarageBand on iPad. I intend to use this application as a primary teacher because the use of ICT facilitates a teaching style that allows for the integration of the curriculum elements of performing, composing, listening and appraising (Burnard & Finney, 2007). Focusing on composing, we explored how to create different sounds such as a suspenseful drone and a terrified heartbeat by using the different instruments on GarageBand. The benefits of using this technology in classrooms includes motivating children to learn, enhancing their ability to create and analyse music, and allowing teachers to differentiate or make learning meaningful to all students (Linde, 2016).

Burnard, P. & Finney, J. (2007). Music Education with Digital Technology. London: Continuum International Publishing Group.

Jones, N. (2007). Listen Up! Developing an appreciation of music. Retrieved April 14, 2016 from http://www.open.edu/openlearn/history-the-arts/culture/music/listen-developing-appreciation-music

Linde, S. (2016). Technology in the Music Classroom. Retrieved April 14, 2016 from http://study.com/academy/lesson/technology-in-the-music-classroom.html

Annotated video file- The Ice Dance from Edward Scissorhands

Tone colour

What is the first instrument heard in this piece? Harp

What family of instruments enters next? Strings

Why do you think the composer used a “music box” as part of the instrumentation? The composer may have used it to portray feelings of innocence, love, wonder and joy in dancing.

What voice range can be heard in the choir? Soprano

Dynamics/Expressive Qualities

What words would you use to describe this piece? Hope, miracle, peaceful, sadness, innocence

What images do you think of when hearing this piece? A magical castle, ballroom dancing

Describe the dynamic changes in the piece.
Both diminuendo (getting softer) and crescendo (getting louder)




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