Week 9: The Body

Teaching young girls dance on a weekly basis has enabled me to develop a passion for this KLA. This week focused on body skills, body shapes and body actions, and how these movements are used to explore the elements of dance. Working collaboratively with others to teach the ‘hokey pokey’ which develops coordination, I became aware of the importance of mirroring the movements when facing the students to prevent any confusion between left and right. This task highlighted the goals of creative dance, including students knowing their bodies and feeling comfortable with and confident in them as well as applying artistic elements (Ewing & Gibson, 2011).

Furthermore, focusing on body shapes by using visual literacy was an effective non verbal activity. This assists with classroom management because many children who exhibit behaviours that challenge teachers may be kinesthetic learners and “when creative energy is aligned with learning objectives, a positive environment is created” (Skoning, 2008, p. 4). Using visual literacy was also linked to mathematics by showing shapes where students were required to have a solid understanding of its properties. Throughout the tutorial, I was constantly reflecting on the activities, to critically and creatively make judgements about how I would adapt them for use in a primary classroom.

Ewing, R. & Gibson, R. (2011). Transforming the Curriculum through the Arts. South Yarra: Palsgrave Macmillan.

Skoning, S. (2008). Movement and Dance in the Inclusive Classroom. TEACHING Exceptional Children Plus, 4(6), 2-11.


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